Livable Communities Meeting: Trails+Health Webinar

Please join us Thursday, December 3rd from 12 to 1:30 PM in the Cafeteria Clubroom at Bevill State (805 14th St E, Jasper) for the December Livable Communities meeting (calendar invitation to follow). The meeting will be a viewing of a webinar hosted by American Trails: The Role of Trails in Healthy Community Design. The Warehouse 319 1/2 buffet line will be open for those who would like to purchase lunch.


Below is more information about the webinar:

Mark Fenton, one of the nation’s experts in walkability, will offer a number of how-to solutions for creating walk, bike and fitness-friendly communities with success story examples. He will share how it’s not just about trails, but also land use decisions and site designs to create truly active environments. He will discuss planning and design approaches and how to make the case with leaders and decision makers.


Livable Communities Priority Group: October Meeting Minutes_Draft