Try Out Birding at Walker County Lake

Birding At Walker County Lake

Ever heard of a Brown Thrasher? How about a Cedar Waxwing?

Alongside improvements made by the Living Communities Priority Group to Walker County Lake, a new hobby is being pushed for all Walker County citizens to try: birding. A relaxing and fun activity for the entire family, Walker County Lake is the perfect place to take part in the past time that millions of Americans are traveling to Alabama to do!

The lake is a part of the West Alabama Birding Trail, meaning that you’re sure to find lots of feathered wonders throughout the area. In fact, you can ever spot an old eagle’s nest at the Southern Nature Trail!


Up for a challenge? Head to the lake along with the new birding checklist, and try to spot all species that have been found at the lake thus far (there are 66!). There are plenty of copies in the kiosk beside the covered picnic area as well.

Check out the checklist here!